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Jenn Char, Principal

I once told a candidate that she couldn't eat at fundraising events anymore because it made her unapproachable and it kept her from mingling with donors. Then I made sure we always had her favorite snacks at the ready so she wouldn't get hungry when it was time to work. I wouldn't say that was a highlight of my career, but it's definitely par for the course. I am honest and direct with my clients because I want them to be successful.

When I graduated from Boston University, I knew I wanted to save the world, so I moved to Washington D.C. and worked as a temp in the call center of an HVAC company while I looked for my dream job. After a few months, I was hired by People For the American Way to assist the public policy team with research, written communications, visiting offices on Capitol Hill and attending hearings. It was there that I had my first taste of campaign work, and I was hooked. I spent the next four years working every facet of campaigns, from communications to opposition research to direct mail to fundraising. 

Every great show goes on the road, so in 2008, armed with my campaign skills, idealism and determination, I moved to Houston, Texas. I worked as a fundraiser for three campaigns, ending with the Annise Parker campaign for Mayor. I happily accompanied her to City Hall when she won.

I served as a city employee under two mayoral administrations, where I handled board appointments, external affairs strategy and communications. I worked collaboratively with executive staff in daily meetings to resolve issues, determine strategies for advancing city projects, and champion the Office of the Mayor at key community events.   

I am very much a joiner, and have volunteered and worked with many organizations. I volunteer with Texas Children's Hospital and am a Junior League member. In 2014, I became a British-American Project Fellow, joining an international group of leaders in business, politics and the media. In 2012, I was recognized by the League of Women Voters as a Rising Star and I received the organization's annual Carrie Chapman Catt Award. I am a graduate of the Center for Houston's Future and the City of Houston leadership program.

I live in Houston with my husband and two kids.