What We Do

Executive Search

Finding the right candidate for the job is more than matching skills with job requirements. Our approach includes an in depth examination of the culture of your organization - without judgement - so we can recruit people who will fit in. When we present you with a short list, you can be sure every candidate has been screened in person, online and on paper and is both a cultural fit and an appropriately skilled professional.

Board Placement

For both nonprofit organizations and for profit companies, filling board vacancies can be tricky, particularly in a global economy. You need to respond to a diverse constituency, and the right board can help you do that. The days of homogenous boards, where everyone looks the same and thinks the same, are over. We work with you to design a board of experienced professionals who are collaborative leaders, strategic thinkers, and bring unique perspectives to the existing group. 

Strategic Planning

Change is inevitable, and with the right business practices, it can be your best friend. We specialize in project management, communications planning and execution, public affairs strategy, crisis response and operational development.

Digital Communications

Humanity is defined by storytelling. Our cave-dwelling ancestors carved stories on their walls. Fairytales and legends of battles were spread in the oral traditions of every culture. The methods and platforms for storytelling changes, but the desire to hear and tell stories is constant. We help you tell the story of your organization, its successes and mission, with a combination of traditional and new media.